Hello September

Although the official first day of the new season isn’t until the 22nd of September, a lot of people see today as the first day of autumn.

They begin to notice the sun starting to set earlier and that the leaves have already started to change and fall. scattering leaves of fiery red and orange shades and the more neutral browns covering up what’s left of summer and reinforcing the name our American cousins have given the season.

Many people would have given up on summer with the first drops of rain back in July with some losing hope even before that due to their 9 to 5 office jobs making them miss out on certain summer opportunities and longing for the  cooler days of autumn to make living at their desk more bearable again.

Even Disney World’s Magic Kingdom has been transformed overnight into a copper leaved, Mickey Mouse pumpkin wonderland playing host to Halloween parties 68 days before the actual day.

For others the 1st of September is synonymous to them with Harry Potter and the pivotal day Hogwartz students new and old clamber onto the Hogwartz express off to start the new school year.

I myself am already digging out cosy chunky knit cardigans to help transition through the seasons, adding that extra layer to my t-shirt and denim shorts combo I’ve lived in over the past few months.

But why are we all so excited and eager for autumn? Is it because it fills us with warmth and comfort? Unlike its predecessor summer, autumn is scientifically cooler in temperature, which for many is a relief due to many sleepless sticky nights caused by the heat, but in other ways it is so much warmer in the sense of the emotions and feelings the season gives you. It makes you layer up and wrap yourself in a cocoon of knitted jumpers and scarves. You find joy from sliding across the floor in your super fluffy socks that would have made you sweat a month ago.  It encourages you to stay in with a hot drink and candles and binge that TV show you’ve been dying to watch whilst being cuddled up on the sofa with that person you love.

The colours of the season themselves give off this illusion of warmth with their reds and oranges. Thoughts of bonfire night, congregating with loved ones around the fire feeling grateful for having them in your life. Even more so when Halloween hits and you need them to hold your hand and give you confidence to be able to conquer that haunted house.

So September I welcome you, and all that you have to bring. You excite me and tease me for what’s to come. I will try to cherish everyday you bring me.

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