First Time Using LUSH! Part 1

Hello, my name is Ava. I am 21 and until 3 weeks ago I had never used a LUSH product. 

*leaves pause for gasps*

I know, shock horror. Many of the girls I know or watch online have been using products from the LUSH brand for year. I had heard countless things and watched many instagram videos about their infamous bath bombs and bubble bars. Watched countless YouTubers talk about their shampoos and conditioners, but never had I purchased any of their products. That was until around 5 weeks ago when I was soaking in a tub full of cheap kids Rapunzel princess bath bubbles and decided to flick through the LUSH website and treat myself.

My package arrived swiftly through the post with a sticker on it letting me know it was packed with care by Tyler. Upon opening the box I found the items in the box separated but loose surrounded by packing foam. I ordered 7 items in total. 5 bath bombs, a shampoo bar and a conditioner bar.

Cheer Up Buttercup £2.95

The first product I used was the cheer up Buttercup bath bomb. This was by far the strongest smelling of all the products I bought, so strong I could smell it from inside the box. The lemon myrtle used in bomb being the most pungent made my bathroom smell lovely if not a bit over powering. The colour pay off when I dropped the bomb into the water was lovely and as the bomb fizzled it released small pieces of lavender that floated around the bath.

My biggest pet peve with this bomb however was how oily it was. Although moisturising my skin it also clung to the surface of my skin and the bath making everything feel slimy and greasy once the water was drained and I felt like I needed a shower to actually feel clean. So far it is my least favourite of the bath bombs from my haul that I have tried.

 Rocket Science £2.95

I loved this bath bomb. Although the description on the LUSH site says this bomb is infused with bergamot and lemon it doesn’t have a pungent smell unlike the previous bomb. The colour pay off for this bomb is great turning the water a vivid blue which I loved. Although it also has hints of pink and yellow in the bomb they don’t have much of a payoff in the water. The yellow blast at the bottom of the rocket also features some small glitter stars but they quickly get lost in the water. 

My only issue with this bomb is with its initial fizz. When it reacts with the water it leaves behind a foam on the top of the water which usually I wouldn’t mind however the bubbles that continue to fizz out of the bomb which trigger my trypophobia (fear of holes). But besides that visual and personal flaw I really loved this bomb.

Karma Komba Shampoo Bar £6.50 & Jungle Conditioner Bar £6.50

I’ll be honest right now and say my hair care is usually very poor. I tend to leave 5 days between washes and maybe brush it twice a month if that so when I do wash my hair it can be quite the chore with me needing a good amount of shampoo and an even bigger amount of conditioner to deal with the thick mess that it is. I have wanted to try a shampoo bar for a few years now and when I saw I could get a conditioner as well I was thrilled until I tried it.

A cannot fault the shampoo bar at all, I really love it. It lathers extremely well not needing much at all to coat my hair, leaving it smelling fresh. The conditioner however has left me feeling very disappointed. I bought this bar because I thought it would be a nice partner to the shampoo but mostly because it said a little goes a long way. Maybe it’s just my extremely thick hair but I find the conditioner barely coats my hair. Like I said at the beginning of this section I don’t brush my hair much, probably a side effect from having short hair for 6 years, so when I condition my hair I use this as an opportunity to rake out all the dead hair that hasn’t been able to fall out naturally from it being tied up or just getting caught in the rest of my hair. To do this I need a lot of conditioner which this bar does not give me much of. It may be better for people who don’t have as much hair as I do, however I will not be purchasing another one.

You can find all these products on the LUSH website 

Part 2 Coming Soon.

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