10 Things Girls Love But Don’t Know Why

I was in my car the other night on my way to dinner with my friend Verity when suddenly Vanessa Carlton’s a thousand miles starts blaring through my speakers and I immediately get into the song, turning it up and singing along at the top of my lungs. But why? What is it about that song that awakens the inner stereotypical woo girl of many rom coms and TV sitcoms. Then I started to think about all the other things that do this to me and that of my female friends that I’ve had over the years. So here is my list of 10 things all girls love but don’t know why.

01. Mean Girls

Since it’s release into the world in 2004, the movie Mean Girls has captivated 12-25 year olds alike. From its inside look into high school popularity we were all told we wanted to its funny catchphrases and all round pinkness, there is just something we all love about this girl world. We love to hate Regina and we all wish we could be Lindsay Lohan (before she went off the rails). We can’t explain it, its just so FETCH!

02. Unwritten

Whether it was because it was the theme song to the hit reality show the Hills or simply its catchy lyrics, Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield has become an anthem for the female race everywhere. Like Mean Girls the song was also released in 2004, maybe there is just something magic about that year. On a recent video on The React Channel teens listened to songs from the noughties. Upon listening to this song one girl said that she didn’t know why or how she knew it, it was just in her playlist and whenever it came on in the car her and her friends would belt out at the top of their lungs, showing that is song is still connecting with the next generation of teens over 10 years later.

03. The Devil Wears Prada

Another empowering girl movie starring Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep, this movie is probably on the DVD shelf of every girl out there. A rags to riches story set in the fashion world, what more could a girl want. Sure we fear Miranda but we’d also love to be her while getting Andy’s fashion and beauty make over. I personally love the opening sequence where all the different women are getting ready for the day. There’s something about that scene that really awakens my inner #GirlBoss.

04. High School Musical


It was the Disney Channel Original Movie that took over the world, spanning a total of 3 films with a large cast that everyone loved. You can ask any girl under 25 and I am sure they will tell you they had at least 2 items of merchandise (even if that was the cd and dvd). My best friend at the time of the release was obsessed, she had bedsheets, sang the songs on repeat and even had a HSM diary pillow. It was everywhere and only grew as the sequels were released with the final instalment being released in cinemas. It was set in a high school and included good looking singing teens, what’s not to love.

05. The Spice Girls


They were the 90s girl group who took over the world. From their different personas to their mantra of girl power, every girl “really really really wants to zigga a zigg ahh” or be a Spice Girl. From their music to the Spice World movie they captivated our ears and hearts. What girl doesn’t get up and start jumping on their bed, hairbrush in hand, singing and dancing as soon as a Wannabe comes on. My favourite was Posh Spice.

06. Messy Buns

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High buns, low buns, half up buns or double buns, us girls love a messy bun. We each have our own way of doing it and are constantly watching videos of how other girls achieve the look. Many of us envying those who always make theirs look on point. Growing up I had a friend who made it look so effortless and easy, but no matter how many times I watched her I could never make mine look as perfect as hers. But we all continue to give the relaxed do a try.

07. The Princess Diaries


Another Anne Hathaway film, there is something about The Princess Diaries that is timeless. Its funny, girl friendly and who doesn’t want their Grandma to reveal that your royalty and give you a make over from Paolo. We love to route for Mia, following her through her love life struggles, having a laugh with her and quirky best friend lily and who doesn’t love it when Lana gets coned.

08. Romantic Cities

Three Cities001

It could be Paris, New York, London or even all 3. Girls love a city. The sites, the shopping, the lights and the idea of finding love. Its been engraved into our hearts from a young age in books, movies and TV shows. We long for that distant city life, sipping hot chocolate on an autumn day after a long morning of sightseeing and shopping. Suddenly a handsome stranger looks over at you from the counter, next thing you know you are on a whirlwind tour of the city through this mysterious mans eyes. Don’t hide it every girl has had this fantasy at least once.

09. Twilight


I know its a bit of a cringe subject now but even I got caught up the Twilight craze of the early 2010s. We all bought the books, queued to see the movies and loved arguing over Edward or Jacob (I was team Edward, who doesn’t love a vampire). Every girl wanted to be Bella Swan, wishing they had two hunky supernatural guys fighting for her. And although we see the flaws in it now, there’s still a part of us that finds it a guilty pleasure and can’t help watching it when we see it on the TV.

10. Gossip Girl


Glamorous, drama filled and set in New York, what girl doesn’t love Gossip Girl. What girl hasn’t wanted to be either Blair or Serena. What girl hasn’t lived by at least 1 of Blair Waldorf’s quotes. What girl doesn’t wish they had these girls wardrobes. What girl didn’t fantasise about Nate or Chuck. I binged this series in the long summer holiday between finishing secondary school and starting college before the final season aired and wanted to be Blair Waldorf so bad. I was gutted when it ended and still love going back and re-watching episodes now. Oh and what girl didn’t get chills when they heard those infamous words “XOXO Gossip Girl”.


And that’s it. I am sure there are so many more things us girls love so I may do a part 2 at some point but I loved writing this and connecting with my inner girly trashy self. Yes all of these are guilty pleasures but I am so proud of each of them. How many do you agree with?

Love AvaCaitlin

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  1. I’ve binged watched mean girls and devil wears prada along with a bit of gossip girl and Gilmore girls today in a messy bun whilst being so ill! I loveeeeee this ava xxxx

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