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As part of my road to mental health recovery and to help me stay focused and be a 100% #GirlBoss I decided to have a declutter of the shelves in my room by removing many books, which I haven’t and have no intention of reading in the near future, and boxing up a lot of my Disney merchandise which was reminding me of the fact I wasn’t going back for a long while. Either way my shelves were enhancing my depression so I had a cull. Safe to say I then had some very empty shelves that needed a little love, so off the Homesense I went.

For those of you who don’t know what Homesense is, it is a home furnishing store run by the same company who runs TK Maxx which means you will find big named brands at unbelievable prices. My local Homesense is in Chichester and holds a variety of different homeware products even if I do think it has a more limited range of larger furniture items than other branches. I went into the store with a few items already in mind such as I knew I wanted some more photo frames, candles and possibly a small make up mirror. I also went in knowing I wanted to possibly find an ottoman to have underneath my shelves as the soft fabric box I currently have in my room wasn’t living up to my standards. In the end I ended up not coming away with an ottoman but instead a couple of bedding pieces and it was a good thing too seeing as I had already filled a trolley with items.

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So for my bed I bought two new cushions, some bed covers (which are absolutely divine by the way, their like the ones you get in a hotel room, super comfy even after a few good night sleeps in them) and an autumnal throw.

  • Bedding £24.99
  • Orange Cushion £16.99
  • Grey Pom Pom Cushion £12.99
  • Throw £49.99

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  • Mirror £14.99
  • Jewellery Bowl £9.99
  • Candle £9.99

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  • Frame £5.99

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  • Cake Stand £7.99?

I am currently using this cake stand to put my candles on while I’m not using it as there is no where for me to put it in mum’s kitchen. Also the copper colour goes in my room. I have also put a question mark next to the price as although the label on it says £12.99 I can’t find it’s match on my receipt as it is too vague (items are listed by department not item) and the only other items I have I can’t match say utility on them at £7.99.

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  • Frame £9.99
  • Suitcase Storage £14.99

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  • Geo Candle £9.99
  • Candle £7.99

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  • Vintage Frame £6.99
  • No Corners Frame £6.99


I did also pick up a couple of other items such as a blue bowl which was £3.99 and a small toy basket for Jessie which is at Ben’s house which was £7.99. Over all I was very impressed by my haul and look forward to shopping in Homesense again, preferably though when I have lots more money and an actual house to furnish.

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