Bonfire Night & Pumpkin Carving

So you’ve probably read the title, seen the date, sung yourself the rhym and now you’re thinking to yourself ‘but Ava wait, bonfire night isn’t until the 5th of November’. Well my friends you would be correct however every year, on the last Saturday of October my former home town has it’s annual bonfire festivities. I have unfortunately missed the past two years so was looking to make up for it, so myself and my lovely wonderful friend Verity put on our coats and took the trip to the seafront to watch the fireworks and admire the big Bonfire, cheesy chips in hand.

After a long day at work it was the perfect night out.

So cut forward to today Monday the 30th, the day before Halloween. A lot of people including Ben’s brother Matt have already acquired and carved/decorated their pumpkins weeks ago but I prefer to wait till a few days before the main event to make sure they stay fresh (unlike Matt’s who’s pumpkin we had to remove from his room yesterday).

Of course I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t pick a Disney theme or some slightly more complicated designs to challenge ourselves with, however it made the completion that much more satisfying.

What do you guys think of the finished project? And what designs have you done this year?

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