Happy Lushoween!

Happy Halloween everybody! I promise this post has 0 tricks and a lot of treats.

So a little while ago I made a post about how I had never used Lush products before and reviewed some of my first experiences. Since ordering and reviewing most of that first box of bath time goodies I have acquired a few more special treats including a few seasonal picks. But first let’s start with the last two bombs from my original package (which surprisingly enough fits in well with today’s and the rest of the products theme halloween).


So just to make a few things clear to start with, I had displayed my products in a nice basket in my bathroom on a shelf above the bath and as the time went on with me not using the last two, the humidity from people’s showers had caused them to become soft which lead to some cracking like that in the picture above. This is something I quickly learned is a factor that can ruin your bath bomb. Therefore when I placed this bomb in the water it didn’t really fizz, it just fell apart. However that being said it still had a good colour pay off in the bath and released a couple of large pieces of confetti as well as a lot of glitter which I loved.

After looking at a lot of reviews for how this product should turn out I think it is definitely one that I need to get and try again, this time making sure to keep it safe and dry beforehand.


So after realising the state of the Dragon Egg bomb I decided I needed to use the Secret Arts bomb pretty quickly so I just decided to throw it in the same bath. I was not disappointed with the bomb at all. From the colour to the jelly aspect of it, this bomb won my heart. 

This bath bomb is a bit more of one of those slow burners due to its jelly texture when put in the water which means the jelly sticks to the bomb leaving the layers underneath to stay dryer for longer. Although it has the tiniest amount of pink in it this bomb is as black as night. It has such a dense colour when fully dissolved that I couldn’t see anything but sparkly glitter when I looked into it.

It was also great to play with, squishing the jelly bits and breaking the bomb apart to make it dissolve completely. Whether it was just due to it being quite soft when I finally got round to using it or not, the bomb didn’t have much of a scent to it however I didn’t need that to enjoy it.

My next set series of products I collected when we went on a trip to Canterbury to visit Ben’s brother Matt. It was my first time in an actually Lush store, having previously bought my last haul online, and boy was it dangerous. I thought I went overboard online. If I had all the money in the world I am sure I would have picked up the entire store however I limited myself to a couple of Christmas items, a few Halloween items and a moisturiser which I will go into detail about in my next review along with the Christmas products.


So this first bomb isn’t very Halloweeny however the colour it creates at the end is somewhat ghoulish and the colours and name make you feel like a mad scientist.

Now this bomb is massive which is great because it means it fills out my big tub well and the shape is so quirky and different I love it. Not to mention it infused with one of my favourite scents vanilla (honestly I love nothing more than to smell like a cake). Another great thing about this bomb is the surprise popping candy which I didn’t realise was in the bomb until I started to hear the crackling on the top of the water. Honestly a 100% treat.

PS it also turned my fingers pink where I held it.


This is the first of 3 official Halloween products I bought. I chose this because 1. It’s a pumpkin, how much more Halloweeny can you get and 2. I was really intrigued by the orange colour of it and wanted to test out how dense it’s colour pay off was and I was not disappointed, at first.

This bomb smelt great and fizzled brilliantly coating the water in a glorious orange, I was so happy but as the water began to settle once the bomb had finished the orange faded and became quite washed out, however it still left a ring around the bath.


This is the last bomb in this post and probably the most fun. Even in the bag it had a strong citrus smell to it but that’s not what makes this bomb great. From it bright green colour to its slime like texture this bomb is another slow burner but such great fun. Unlike the Secret Arts bomb this jelly bomb is a lot lighter in colour allowing you to see the jelly/slime as the bomb dissolves in the water leaving a stringy film that looks almost like troll bogeys (if Harry Potter is your thing) or ghost slime (if Ghostbusters is more your cup of tea) across the top of the water. I’d you’re not grossed out by the sound of that then you’ll probably love it. As the bomb dissolves the colours of the bomb turn more into a bright purple with luminous green spots like some sort of crazy animal egg or Barney the dinosaur.

My only downside with this bomb is after a while the slime on the top does tend to go cold so when you move around in the bath a little you get cold jelly all over you. Apart from that it is great fun and leaves your skin feeling super soft.


You can’t go wrong with what Lush fans call a classic and for my first ever bubble bar I was not disappointed in fact it made me fall in love with bubble bars way more than bombs. The amount of bubbles that came out of this glittery lump of orange amazed me. It didn’t take long after crumbling under the tap for the bubbles to grow to half the depth of my bath not to mention you still get the colour pay off underneath from a normal bath bomb, just with the added bubbles. This has made me so excited to try more bubble bars especially with the Christmas period coming up and all I want to do after a long day in retail is sinking into a nice hot bubble bath.

Thank you guys again so much for the love you gave my first Lush haul, I hope you enjoyed this one just as much and Happy Halloween!

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