October Favourites

Yes I know we are now over half wah through November however another month has gone by so here is a new months worth of favourites.

1. Barry M Liquid Lipstick

I have been testing out liquid lipsticks for months looking for the right one. For me a good liquid lipstick needs to have good coverage, strong colour without needing loads of coats, dry matte, not take long to dry and most of all strong staying power. I always feel conscious about kissing Ben when I have lipstick on so the last requirement is very important to me and these lipsticks don’t let me down. They only need 1 application and they last a day, with no transfer and only a little wear when it comes to food and drink.

2. Lush

Since being converted a couple of months ago I have become obsessed with Lush. It is near impossible for me to spend time in my bathroom without a Lush product as a sidekick. Although I love a bath bomb I must say I’m even more in love with bubble bars and now we are getting closer to Christmas I can’t wait to try their full festive range.

3. Vanilla Chai Latte

Now that the cooler are months are in full swing, the number of hot drinks I have are increasing. Not being a fan of tea or coffee I prefer a vanilla chai tea or a good old fashioned hot chocolate.

4. Full English 

This month I have fallen back in love with the full English breakfast minus a couple of things (I don’t like bacon or tomatoes). In particularly I’m in love with hash browns, both mine and Ben’s fridge have been full of them so that I can have them whether we are at my house or his.

5. Autumn TV

It’s that time of year again where all the best shows start their new seasons. I am so in love with Riverdale Season 2 and the new reboot series of Once Upon a Time. Also now the final season of The Vampire Diaries  (which I missed when it first aired) is on Netflix so I have been rewatching that from the beginning. Nothing like a good dark teen drama to keep you going throughout the run up to December.

6. Coats

At this time of the year the cold weather means coats are inevitable, however this year I have fallen in love with two beautiful coats both of which came from Primark. Costing £30 each these coats are gorgeous and actually really good quality. For once I’m excited for winter so I get to wear them everyday.

I am sure there are many more items I could put on this list however then it would be super long, so for now let’s stick with these lovely six. What have you guys been loving over the last month.

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