Disneyland Paris September 2017 Highlights

So I know it’s been a little while now since my trip but I have been struggling to find the time to really sit down and write this one out and work out how I wanted to write this in the first place. In the past I have vlogged my Disney trips on my youtube channel, however in the last few months I have mostly abandoned my channel simply because I can’t find the time to focus on it (maybe next year I will give it a reboot). Anyway I have decided that I am just going to highlight my favourite moments from the trip.


So let’s start with a little bit of background knowledge about the trip. This was my first family trip to Disneyland Paris since 2012 when we attended the 20th Anniversary. We also to our family friends and my God parents with us including their daughter Jade and her best friend Will. We all met up at the channel tunnel and drove to Disneyland together. We were there for 4 days in total (including travel days) staying on site with free half board tickets.



For the first time since our first ever trip to Disneyland back in 2000, we stayed in a completely different hotel. We stayed in the Newport Bay Club Hotel and it was gorgeous. With its home the other side of the lake, this hotel sports a nautical theme from its wooden lobby floor, mickey rope printed carpet and steering wheel head boards. The only downside to our hotel room was the walk. All being part of one building it was a long trek through the corridors to get to our room, I’m surprised we didn’t get lost.




By far my favourite thing at a Disney Park (besides the fireworks) is the parade and until the anniversary Disneyland Paris’ parade game was lacking, not necessarily in the float or character department but the music was always missing that magic that the American parks have. However I am happy to say I have found a parade that give Magic Kingdom’s Festival of Fantasy Parade a run for its money and has become a close second on my list of favourite parades. From the Jazzy melody, fun lyrics and beautiful blend with well known Disney songs, this parade gets into your soul from the start making you want to dance and as for the floats, well take a look for yourself.



From shows, to rides, to character meet and greets, since acquiring Star Wars Disney have stepped up the sci-fi series presence in the park and nowhere else is feeling it more right now (until Star Wars Land opens up at Disneyland and Hollywood Studios) than Disneyland Paris. From Star Tours finally getting a big update, to Space Mountains current overlay, Discovery Land has in a way become Star Wars land and I am not mad. The best thing to come out of all of it though is the new ride cars on Space Mountain meaning I can now ride it without worrying about getting a headache. As well as the rides in the main Disneyland park, there are regular shows in the Walt Disney Studios park including my favourite, the March of the First Order. As soon as that music starts you can’t help but march along, the adrenalin coursing through you.



It felt like forever waiting for the Pirates refurb to be completed but this trip I was finally able to see the new updates and although I love some of them, I was also very disappointed in some of them, mostly the change to the Red Head into a pirate. I understand it comes from the picture in the original ride in California however it seems wrong to change her from her depiction in replica rides all over the world. However that being set aside the additions of Jack and Barbosa even if they are at the end are a warm welcome with Barbosa’s face changing animatronic being the best thing in the refurbishment.


Besides the Star Wars shows in the studios park, there are three other new shows in the parks including 2 anniversary shows on the castle stage and Mickey and the Magician in the studios park. Although I love Mickey and the Magician I am going to limit myself to talking about the anniversary shows. One being a happy birthday show to the park featuring original songs about each of the lands in the park and includes some intense dancing and character appearances and the other a Princess Waltz featuring all the Princesses and their Princes. Out of the two the Waltz is my favourite and never fails to make me emotional.


So whilst in the car on the way over to France my dearest brother decided to show me up by sharing a Disney fact that I did not know. This fact revolved around a tree in Fantasyland with different fruits on it. I was quick to second guess him having never heard the fact before and having been to the park 7 times in the last couple of years and never seen it. Low and behold he proved me wrong. I quickly realised I had never noticed it before due to it being very close to a meet and greet spot and me always being distracted by characters.


I finally met Moana! Since the release of the movie last Christmas Moana quickly became my second favourite film very nearly knocking Tangled from its top spot, so when I saw they had the Moana meet and greet back I had to wait and meet her, even if I did almost miss my Ratatouille fast pass.


goodbye disney

It is with heavy heart that I announced this as being my last trip for a few years and although I won’t be going back that doesn’t mean I am abandoning my Disney routes and writing this post has only made that more prominent to me. I would like to keep making Disney content so don’t be surprised if a new page and a flood of Disney posts don’t make their way onto this site before long. If their are any tips you’d like or questions you have about Disney and the parks do leave them in the comments and I will be sure to answer them.

Thank You for reading, I know it was a long one.



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