10 Things To Spark Your Christmas Spirit

So we are now firmly 10 days into the festive season and some of us are really feeling the spirit but others are still struggling. So I’ve compiled a list of 10 things you can do to get you in the festive mood. Are you ready?

1. Write out your cards

Whether you decide to write cards for everyone or just your closest friends and family, picking out the perfect Christmas cards and writing the perfect message for each person can seriously put you in a good mood, especially if you’re listening to your favourite Christmas song or movie whilst doing it.

2. Make your wish list 

It may sound childish but you’ll thank yourself for it when your friends and family ask you what you want for Christmas.

3. Start shopping for others

It’s never too early or too late to go picking out that perfect present for those most loved in your life. Not to mention the thrill and excitement you get anticipating their reaction to your perfect gift.

4. Watch your favourite Christmas movie 

There is nothing like cuddling up under the blankets with a hot chocolate and a tub of celebrations whilst watching your favourite Christmas film to get you in the mood. I’ll soon be posting a top 10 list of my favourite Christmas films so keep your eyes peeled.

5. Create the ultimate Christmas playlist with all your favourites.

I can’t stress enough how much the perfect Christmas song can put you in the mood so creating a playlist with all your favourites is a must that way you will never have to skip a song and lose your Christmas rhythm. If you already have a playlist don’t be afraid to go exploring and add to it. This year I added Gwen Stefani’s new Christmas album to my playlist and am loving myself for it.

6. Go ice skating

Whether you go with friends, family or a loved one, ice skating is fun for everyone and put everyone in a good mood. From supporting each other to stay up on the ice to that satisfaction you get when you realise you can do it without holding onto the sides, this one is bound to get you in a holly jolly mood. If not you can always rest your bruised body by the fire with a hot chocolate and cuddles when you get home.

7. Visit a Christmas market 

Nothing feels more festive than a traditional German Christmas market. From the many log cabins to their contents, including festive foods, sweets and gifts. Whether you can afford a trip to Germany or you are making the most of one closer to home I couldn’t think of a better way to spend an afternoon with friends.

8. Order off the Christmas menu at your favourite coffee shop or anywhere

At this time of the year a lot of companies bring out a festive menu full of classics with a Christmas twists. From Turkey and Cranberry subs to gingerbread lattes most establishments will have a festive item perfect for you.

9. Wear your favourite Christmas jumper, don’t have one? Get one.

I have been living in Christmas jumpers since the month started and have never felt more festive. With 6 jumpers in total to choose from this year, I can wear a different one every day of the week.

10. Put up your decorations.

If nothing else gets your festive elf glowing then simply get the family or a few good friends over and have an afternoon decorating the house. Complete with drinks and some festive treats I guarantee if this doesn’t lift your Christmas spirit you must really concider that fact you may in fact be a bit of a scrooge.

And that’s my list. Let me know if you have any other Christmas traditions you love that get you in the festive mood, I’d love to try some new ones.

Look out for more Christmas post going up over the next few weeks including some awesome recipes and top 10s.

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