Girl Power Movies

When I say Girl Power Movies I don’t mean Mean Girls or Bring It On I mean movies you watch that really make you proud to be a woman. I recently went to an unlimited screening for Emma Stone’s new movie the Battle of the Sexes and came out feeling so empowered and proud to be a woman. 

Based on a true story from the 70s about women tennis players fighting for equal pay in their profession against some very pig headed men. Stone gives an amazing performance as Tennis superstar Billie Jean King as she battles the sexist men who lorded over the sport at the time. I came away from this film with so much more respect for the older women in my life who did have to go against real life men like those depicted in the film, it also makes me distressed knowing there are still men like that in the world.

I have only ever got this feeling from a film 1 other time which is Hidden Figures. This is another film based on real people, this time 3 women working for NASA in the 60s. Although the film has a strong theme about race and segregation at the time it is also empowering to all women trying to make it in professions seen as only being for men at the time. It is also a great film to show women and girls that you don’t have to be dumb to get anywhere in life.

If you can think of any other films you have seen that make you feel empowered to be a woman I’d love to hear them.

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