An Afternoon in London

So about 2 summers ago my wonderful friend Sophia introduced me to this new musical she was obsessed with. We were sat in the same pod at work and she was rapping it non stop. Yes you’ve guessed it, it was Hamilton. It quickly became our go to album to listen and sing along to on a Sunday when I drove her home.

Flash forward to a year and a couple of weeks ago she was booking the tickets for us to go see the West End version of the show. Then the agonising wait began till Thursday 18th January.

It was such a surreal feeling getting off the train at London Victoria, Ben in to, to meet her and her friend who we quickly found out had been lucky enough to see the original production in New York. The theatre was a two minute walk from the station and still under construction but the shows name stood out proudly above the door.

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Getting into the theatre felt like a dream. From walking in to see all the grand decor to sitting in our seats waiting for the production to start. However by the end reality finally set in and me and Sophia shared a good cry having been able to tick this off our bucket list.

The cast were amazing and although it took a couple of songs to get used to the different voices of the original recording each actors performance was superb. If you get a chance I would highly recommend going to see it.

From the theatre Ben and I got the underground to Oxford Street to attempt to do a little January Sales shopping and return a jumpsuit I had got that didn’t fit right.

Apart from a gorgeous baker boy hat I got from TopShop I did the bulk of my shopping in Primark. (Trying to shop in the sales in London is not my cup of tea, far too crowded even at 6-7pm on a Thursday). I have a full haul of what I have bought this month going up on my YouTube channel very soon however I did want to highlight my favourite bargain by from Primark which were these shoes which I got for £3 down from their original price of £16. WHAT!!?!

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Me and Ben then wandered around for a while trying to find a restaurant to eat in when we came across this cute little italian on Tottenham Court Road called Giotto. Let me tell you their food was amazing. I had my favourite Italian dish which was chicken Alfredo and Ben had a pizza with pepperoni, chillies and peppers. We also had some cheeky garlic bread as a starter but didn’t hang around for dessert wanting to get back to Victoria and get a train home.

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Overall Thursday was a whirlwind but absolutely amazing and a great day out filled with great friends, theatre, clothing and food and I can’t wait to do another day like it again.



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