About Me

My name is Ava, I am 21 years old and have just been officially diagnosed with anxiety and depression after a long 5 years unknowingly struggling through life. This blog is my invite to you to join me on my journey to get my life back on track through healthy eating, positive thinking and adventure.

For most of my life I have been a dreamer, from aspiring to write books, bake cakes and perform on stage but have always held myself back due to my anxiety, depression and overall lack of confidence. Instead of finding inspiration and drive I just wallowed in myself and shut myself off, preferring to binge watch a TV show on Netflix while eating a big bowl of pasta instead of getting out and trying to live a more healthy life. I hope to use this blog to bring some of those dreams to life and make me a better happier person.

I met my boyfriend almost 2 years ago now and we frequently travel the world together and post our adventures together under the nameĀ Traveling Postcardese. I have found traveling with him has really helped my mental state being able to explore new countries and escape my everyday life. Although I will post about some of our travel adventures on this blog for more pictures and travel stories click the link above or go to ourĀ Instagram.

On this blog you will find healthy meals for fussy eaters (like myself), fun cakes to boost your mood, inspiring quotes and pictures and of course a documentation following my fight with my mental health and trying to find the light.

I hope for there to be something here for everyone. So enjoy flicking through my posts and pictures and here’s to choosing a happier life.